When we say “make our house your home,” we mean it. Whether it’s an efficiency space or a two bedroom apartment, we want you to make it your home.

About Bryker Properties

Bryker Properties has been in the residential rental property business for over 30 years. We purchased our first single-family rental house in May of 1986. Since then, we found ourselves falling in love with the renovation process and making cozy spaces for our tenants to call home.

We've participated in some major renovations while redoing houses. From the studs and floorboards to the big beautiful windows and classic flooring and trims, the work we do to transform these spaces makes them unique and ready for you to call home.

We believe in providing friendly, approachable service. Searching for a new space to call home can be intimidating. Our current and future tenants enjoy having direct communicationwith us. In conversing directly with us, the owners,  you can trust the information you receive and know you're talking with the property experts.

Ready for a new space? Feel free to look through our properties and our available units. If you have any questions, let us know!